Rotary Club of Vancouver Bike-A-Thon (Burnaby to Harrison Hot Springs)

2019-07-14 • 120 km

107 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 05:19:04
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Comp.ViewBIBNameRankOfficial Time
212Pierre St Jacques103:30:50.0
167Jane Lea203:30:54.0
256Ken Phillips303:30:55.0
239Brian Westerberg403:30:58.0
107Laine Bosma503:31:11.0
106Broek Bosma603:31:44.0
261Lauren Mori703:41:24.0
224Andrew Thamboo803:41:25.0
192Eitan Prisman903:41:26.0
182Christopher Motion1003:44:03.0
228Eric Tse1103:44:03.0
168Bruce Leckie1203:49:12.0
183Ethan Newton1303:56:37.0
251Kevin Zhao1403:56:39.0
124Clare Connolly1503:59:10.0
149Todd Hutzulak1604:00:00.0
158Jan Kadlec1704:00:20.0
229Thomas Turniawan1804:01:03.0
123Ian Collins1904:02:04.0
179Hugh Jaydee McLean2004:06:43.0
205Ben Scheidegger2104:08:16.0
173Corbin Lowe2204:10:32.0
231Dave Valleau2304:17:15.0
152Pouya Jafari2404:17:18.0
157Karen Johnson2504:17:21.0
153Kaveh Jamshidi2604:17:22.0
147Steven Horan2704:17:37.0
181Navid Morawej2804:17:40.0
139Franz Gehriger2904:17:40.0
110Doug Brewer3004:17:48.0
125Douglas Courtemanche3104:26:18.0
142Michael Gray3204:34:56.0
241Zach Whitman3304:47:03.0
184Yerzhan Nursultanov3404:47:23.0
161Kyle Kimura3504:47:23.0
244Craig Williams3604:51:23.0
137Gardy Frost3704:53:29.0
236Rio Weil3804:53:30.0
204Michael Sauder3904:53:31.0
209Joel Smith4004:53:37.0

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Name: Rotary Club of Vancouver Bike-A-Thon (Burnaby to Harrison Hot Springs)
Date: 2019-07-14
Location: Burnaby, BC
120 km View Results
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